The Best Garden Security Lights With Sensor

In this post we take a look at the best garden security lights and the best garden security lights with sensor. Security lights are clearly extremely important for protecting your family and your property. You’ve worked hard to earn your home, it’s your castle, and it goes without saying that you need to invest in it to keep it safe. Just because, though, security lighting is for a completely practical purpose doesn’t mean it can’t be well stylised and suited to your home and its period features. You can enhance safety and security around your home with outdoor security lights being the perfect choice for entrances, side passages, sheds and outbuildings.

A garden security light with sensor is an energy efficient way of ensuring that your home is illuminated at the right time. It will welcome visitors and light their way or can be used to light pathways, gates or other areas where people pass through after dark. They are also an effective way of deterring unwanted ‘visitors’ to your property too, and the police recommend security lighting as part of a comprehensive security plan. This type of lighting is obviously a lot more important in the autumn and winter months when the nights are longer and the burglary rate increases.

Outdoor security sensor lights work by a PIR sensor. PIR stands for passive infrared and any light described as being a PIR security light or a sensor security light has an infrared sensor built in. This sensor acts as a switch when movement or motion is detected and switches the light fitting on for a set period of time.

Up until a few years ago they were mainly connected to bulkhead lights and flood lights but today there is a vast selection of sensor lighting in a variety of styles that have integral PIR units.

Many of them are also fitted with a photocell to make them even more efficient, convenient and environmentally friendly. A photocell, also known as a dusk till dawn sensor, is a simple device that measures the outside light levels. The photocell switches the PIR on automatically at dusk and off again at dawn.

Any outdoor light can easily be converted to a PIR light by the simple addition of a remote sensor. This can be placed anywhere near to the existing installation and provides all of the features previously mentioned.

There are various styles and types of garden security lights with sensors, from budget to hi-tech and from traditional design to those with modern, sleek styling. What ever your preference there is an outdoor security light for you.

Lets take a look at some of our favourites:

The Best Outdoor Security Light Under £30

Philips myGarden Creek Outdoor Wall Light with Motion Sensor

Philips have created the myGarden range of decorative outdoor lighting with flair and functionality to help make the most of your outdoor space in you own style. Our favourite from the range is the ‘Creek’ which boasts features such as its heritage style, excellent build quality and an easy to set up sensor.

The Best Small Outdoor Security Light

Mr Beams Wireless Motion-Sensing Ultrabright Spotlight

The Mr Beams Wireless Battery-Powered LED UltraBright Weatherproof Spotlight is the brightest member of the Mr Beams line of intelligent wireless LED lights. These lights are the perfect lighting solution for driveways, walkways, gardens, paths, entryways, stairways, and many other locations throughout the home. The rugged design also makes it great for use on commercial properties, in warehouses and storage buildings. The Spotlight uses the best LEDs on the market to put out 300 lumens of bright white light, covering over 37 square meters each. The Spotlight instantly turns on when motion is detected after dark and can detect motion from as far as 7.5 M away, with 160 degrees of motion.

The Best Twin Outdoor Security Light

Timeguard LED200PIRWH Twin LED PIR Floodlight

A superb twin LED outdoor security light offering a bright light despite its compact design. The LED lights give instant bright light just like halogen but are less than half the size, and use a fraction of the power. The powerful 2 x 8w energy saving LED lights is the equivalent of approximately 200w of incandescent light with only 10% of the running costs. The lights have a pan and tilt feature allowing you to position the lights how you want them, allowing maximum coverage.


The Best Security Light With Camera Built In

HOMSCAM Outdoor Security Light with Built in 1080p Camera

The HOMSCAM security light and camera is a fantastic piece of home security. It features HD live and recorded video, two way intercom and smart motion alerts to your smart phone allowing you to monitor your property whilst you are away. Another great feature is the night vision colour display, allowing around the clock protection of your property.

The Best Modern Style Wall Light with Sensor

Philips June Outdoor Wall Light with Sensor

Another product from the Philips myGarden range. Add some contemporary style to your outdoor space with this wall light with motion sensor. It catches the eye with its sleek form and modern design and casts a warm, energy saving light to welcome you every time you come home. The build quality is good, as you would expect from a major player like Philips, and the aluminium feels much more robust than cheap plastic alternatives.

The Best Solar Powered Security Light with Sensor

MPOW Solar Lights with Motion Sensor

If you do not want to install mains powered lights, or you need to place the light away from the mains power, then these solar powered wall lights with motion sensor a perfect. They are installed with 24 bright LED’s to illuminate a good sized area including decking, patios and driveways. The have a wide angle motion detector, again providing good coverage and security. Remember to place these solar powered security lights in a spot that gets a lot of sunlight during the day though! Good news, they also come in a twin pack too.


Getting the most out of your security lighting

The positioning of your security lights is almost as important as how they look.

One goal you are probably trying to accomplish with your outdoor security lighting is to make your home safer from unwanted intruders, right?

A dark home is a vulnerable home!

Security lighting, especially outdoor security lights with sensors around your home gives you much more of a chance to be overlooked by a burglar, making them move on to an easier target. While proper security lighting is important to home security, don’t forget that it’s only just a part of things you can do to keep yourself, your family and your home safe.

Top 3 tips to maximize your outdoor security lighting!

1. Positioning – Areas

To get the most out of your security lighting, make sure all of your bases are covered. You want to make sure you have enough lighting that there aren’t large blind spots around your property.

Many, not-as-bright lights do a much more effective job than one really bright one.

The more blind spots you have around your garden, the easier you are making it for the burglar. You have to consider more areas of your garden than just the obvious ones. And even then, some people miss some of the obvious ones…

Let’s continue this thought in tip #2:

2. Security On All Sides

You want to make sure the main areas of your home have proper lighting. Your doors and main pathways are the biggest areas to consider.

But a lot of people only ever think about the front of their house. The front garden is all that most people see, but that’s the least likely place for a burglar to be!

Make sure that not only is the front of your house covered, but the back garden as well, and along the sides of your house.

It is just a smart idea to have some sort of lighting at any entryway into your home; front, back and/or along the sides. Not only to scare off intruders but to aid you at night.

3. Positioning – Placement

Ideally, you want your security lighting up higher off of the ground, shining downwards to cast a big area of light. Lights closer to the ground tend to not cover as big of a radius.

The light that comes down will be softer by the time it hits the ground, meaning there will less blind spots in your yard created by shadows. It is also much easier to overlap lighting to get full coverage. The lower to the ground, the more lights that would be needed for this effect.

But don’t go too high. The higher up the light is, the brighter of a light you will need. You need to find the balance of high enough and not too high, which really depends on how bright your light is, how much you need it to light and what structures you have in your yard to mount the lights on.

Placing lights up high aimed downwards also helps to reduce the amount of light pollution you are producing with it.

OK, so now we’ve looked at some of the options available I hope we’ve made it easier to choose your perfect outdoor wall lights or outdoor security lights with motion sensor.